High Quality Products

Field Types Production where our laboratory is working

Sport Suplements

Can be used in enhancing exercise performance or a decrease in resting periods.
  • Natural7%
  • Protein37%
  • Hidrates4%
  • Glocose11%
  • Fat3%

Dietary products

Dietary products to improve potency, for increasing muscle mass, defining muscles and to improve endurance sports.
  • Natural12%
  • Protein24%
  • Hidrates27%
  • Glocose14%
  • Fat8%

Special feeding

For special diets, whose foods are intended for particular nutritional uses cause its unusual composition.
  • Natural38%
  • Protein12%
  • Hidrates34%
  • Glocose14%
  • Fat7%


Its purpose is to supplement the diet. It contains concentrated sources of nutrients and are sold in capsules or powders sources.
  • Natural65%
  • Protein23%
  • Hidrates12%
  • Glocose18%
  • Fat3%